A Quick Update

It’s been a while since I posted anything, so I thought I would just stop in with a few updates.  I have had a long, hard couple of weeks with support groups galore, a bunch of frustrating things happening in my personal life, and – what I think was stressing me out the most – I spent the last week or so quietly waiting for a bunch of testing that I had scheduled for the 10th at my new high-risk hospital.  After those meetings, I fell violently ill to… something (most likely food poisoning) and I’m still working on recovery now.

Anyway, I’m here to report the good, so let’s move on to that!  I really liked everyone at my new hospital and received a lot of good news yesterday.  Let’s go down the list in order:

Appointment #1 (hematologist):  I’m not sure if I mentioned this previously or not, but I had some postpartum testing done that suggested I might have some problems in this subsequent pregnancy with blood clotting issues, but after talking with a hematologist, she doesn’t really think it’s likely to present any kind of problem.  Because the testing was done so soon after my son’s stillbirth and the deficiencies I had are often flagged as low during pregnancy, it’s probable that they were red herrings and aren’t actually typically low; if that’s the case, I likely won’t see any complications at all.  I’ll get extra monitoring in case, but at this time she doesn’t think we can expect it to cause any problems.  Works for me!

Appointment #2 (High-risk OB):  I really liked the OB I was referred to after Brock passed, but my new high-risk OB is amazing, too.  She is incredibly sweet and empathetic.  Her nurse was stellar, too.  We had a long discussion about what happened in my last pregnancy, my concerns moving forward, and our planned course of action from here.  We’ve already scheduled several appointments and ultrasounds in advance, including some special additional testing for things like placental health (@ 23 weeks) and, thus far, are thinking an induction at 38 weeks will be best for my sanity (and will give me some time between my new baby and Brock’s birth so that I can celebrate them separately).

Perhaps the best news I got in that appointment?  We are still waiting for Brock’s autopsy, and my high-risk OB conceded that while it’s pretty likely that his cord was the reason why he passed, she would feel more comfortable having the results in case it gives us any more information to go on, so she’s sent a request to the facility where he was autopsied to request that they expedite the results.  Since I am pregnant again and the information from his passing might help us keep an eye out for issues with the new baby, it makes perfect sense, and I’m really excited by the prospect that we might have the results soon.  It has been almost 6 months since he passed, and I would love the closure so I know how to move forward.

Appointment #3 (NT scan): I really liked my ultrasound tech. He had some kind of delightful European accent and let my husband join me in the room for the full ultrasound, which we both enjoyed.  Baby K was extremely active, wiggling around like crazy and giving the guy a hard time on getting the shots he wanted.  To the best of my knowledge, baby looks healthy and like s/he is right on track.  NT measured 1.0mm and s/he was 54mm long (a far cry from the 7mm that they were 5 weeks ago!).  The only point of the meeting that disappointed me was finding out that I have an anterior placenta… again!  I really hated the reduction in feeling movement that it caused last time, and I was hoping I would me more fortunate this time.  Oh, well… can’t win ’em all.

The hospital charges $30 for a DVD with the ultrasound photos on it, which was an expense I couldn’t justify.  The tech let my husband grab a shot on his cell phone, though, which I am extremely grateful for.  Here’s my chunky litle guy/gal…


All in all, I’m feeling very optimistic about things.  Unfortunately, while recovering from this nasty bug and also feeling typical pregnancy nausea, I’m also feeling pretty icky these days.  I’m going to go rest up in bed.  Until next time! ❤


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